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An experimental mini-biconic connector.

Some of the components made by us.

A fully functional prototype of an air bearing.

Fiber optic connectors corrected for concentricity.

An air bearing grinding spindle made for in-house use.

A calibration plug for a length gage ( gauge ) for biconic connectors. Material: tungsten carbide

Three biconic connectors: Metal tipped, ceramic cone, Re-formed face.

A tip formed at the end of an optical fiber. Material: Fused silica.

A reversed cone formed at the end of an optical fiber. Material: Fused silica.

A removable insert for molding a hole in biconic connectors.

The pin diameter is 126 micrometers.
A frog - we did not make it, but it looks good.

A ferrule for test biconic connector. Ceramic tip corrected for concentricity to better than 0.5 micrometers.

These tiny things were corrected for concentricity to better than 0.5 micrometers. Material: copper nickel

Brief History

1985 Early Spring
Duracon founded. The purpose: Research and development in the area of fiber optic connectors and splices, design and manufacturing of tooling and equipment associated with FO components, micro-machining, development of equipment for correcting geometries of fiber optic connectors targeted for single mode application.

1987 Fall
Duracon incorporates as a New Jersey corporation.

1988 April
Initiated a relationship with Valdor Fiber Optic Products Inc a Silicon Valley based company. Serving as a contractor for various projects. Conversion of various connectors for single mode applications. Correcting concentricity of connectors for medical application.

Valdor inspects Duracon's facility and is introduced to the number of proprietary technologies used by Duracon Inc.

1990 Summer
Duracon moves to Venice, Florida.

1989 - 1995
Duracon Inc. works with various companies, utilizing its expertise in micro-machining difficult to machine components such as fused silica and ceramics, in such applications as laser probe tips, biconic gages and experimental biconic ferrules. Duracon Inc. also provides consulting services in the area of fiber optic connectors and splices.

1995 Spring
Signing of the "Memorandum of Understanding" by Michel Rondeau PhD, the president and CEO of Valdor Inc. and by Wojciech (Voytek) Beldycki the president and CEO of Duracon Inc. to setup a new company (Valcon Inc.) in exchange for Valdor Inc. having access to some of the proprietary technologies developed in Duracon Inc.

1996 Late Spring
Signing the "Technology Licensing and Personal Services Agreement". Voytek, the president of Duracon Inc. also joins Valdor Inc. in the capacity of the R&D manager while retaining his position as the president and CEO of Duracon Inc.. As a result, Duracon Inc. suspends it's activity in the fiber optic industry while continuing to work for other industries. A portion of the facility of Duracon Inc. in Venice Fl becomes a home for the R&D Department of Valdor Fiber Optics Inc.

1997 Summer
Duracon Inc. recovers the space occupied by the Valdor's R&D department after Valdor moves to Reno, Nevada. On request of Valdor Fiber Optics Inc. the president of Duracon Inc. extends his contract with Valdor and continues his work as their R&D manager.

1997 - 2001
Focusing on Internal projects. Continuing R&D for further improvements in micro-machining. Product development. Duracon Inc. is granted exclusive rights for commercialization of the patent issued in 1999 for a sporting goods product.

2001 Late Spring
Voytek ends his involvement with Valdor and is back full time with Duracon. As a result Duracon regains its ability to do unrestrained business within the fiber optic industry. Duracon Inc. moves to a larger facility and begins to operate as a full time research and product design laboratory undertaking interdisciplinary approaches to customer specific projects.

2002 Spring
Duracon Inc. decides to utilize its existing equipment and its proprietary technologies as well as its unique know-how to open new opportunities in the area of manufacturing and job-shopping, covering a broad variety of industries including fiber optics, defense, medical, etc.
 Initiating close cooperation with Tom Hall, the president of Funk and Hall Mfg., a state of the art modern machine shop located in St. George, Utah. To the best of our knowledge Tom Hall was responsible for the design of Valdor's original table top tools as well as the hand held tool utilized for Impact Mount Technology. Tom Hall and his associate Patty Funk were immeasurably essential to the survival of Duracon Inc. during the most critical period of its time.
 Also developing a tight cooperative relationship with MicroBioMed Corporation, a Texas based company, on multitude of projects. The COO of MicroBioMed Mr. William W. Gardetto is also essential in providing his professional expertise in various aspects of Duracon's activity and de-facto becomes a vital addition to Duracon's advisory group.

2008 Early Spring
Duracon Inc. is granted exclusive rights for commercialization of the patents issued in 2008 for a new type of fiber optic connector ferrule that specifically targets non-epoxy types of technologies including Valdor's Impact Mount technology. Duracon begins closed door negotiations with representatives of various investment entities to obtain funding for further research. Entering into the early stage of communication with selected companies who currently either manufacture or have a vital interest in obtaining reliable non-epoxy technology for connectorization/splicing of optical fibers.

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