A gear blank.

Inserts for moulding biconic connectors.

Miniature needle valve parts.
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Sharing the know-how

An important part of our business activity is helping other inventors.
We participate in activities of several non-profit organizations whose goal is to help those caught in the trap of inventing.

It is a privilege and honor to be a part of the:

Tampa Bay Inventors Council, Inc.

The members meet twice a month at the Highland Recreation Complex in Largo, Florida.
A motto of TBIC clearly speaks for itself:
  "Inventors Helping Inventors"
Any "outsider" can freely access their general website at  
as well as their blog at  
  -----"The Tampa Bay Inventor",-----
the TBIC's professionally edited bi-monthly newsletter can be downloaded
 No membership or registration is required.

Members of both organizations at their respective meetings have opportunities to exchange ideas, seek advice of other members and listen to invited professionals speaking on a variety of topics such as marketing, design, protection of intellectual property, technologies, manufacturing etc.

Each member has at least the chance to learn from other members mistakes and misfortunes or even better - successes.

We at Duracon Inc. are eager to share our know-how and over four decades of our people experience in implementation of various technologies, manufacturing methods, available materials, handling of intellectual property or performing preliminary patent searches with those who for whatever reason did not have a chance to acquire such a know-how but in many cases whose life savings may be at stake.

We do it, so at least some who have a brilliant idea (but poor in cash) with no connection to the "big business" will not be taken advantage of.

Maybe, just maybe we can contribute to the rise of another Nikola Tesla.

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